Jon Jandai

“Life is Easy.  Why do we make it so hard?”

Farmer,  earthen builder,  seed saver,  teacher.  Philosopher,  father, and community activist. Jon Jandai continuously strives to find more ways communities can be self-reliant and people can come back to connecting with the land and each other.

His philosophy is that life is simple and works to connect people to understanding this themselves and ways to achieve it.

“We were taught to disconnect ourselves from everything else, to be independent, so we can rely on money only, we don’t need to rely on each other. But now, to be happy, we need to come back,
to connect to ourselves again, to connect to other people.”

Follow Jon’s Youtube channel to way to keep in touch with the latest ideas and projects that Jon is involved in at the moment. 

These include talks on various topics including how-to videos on self-reliant ways to make life easy, as well as how to see your life in a different way.

Our Sustainable Design Course is a unique chance to gain practical and specific knowledge on getting started on a piece of land. Led and taught by Jon Jandai with extensive experience in land design, this is a wonderful in-depth opportunity for those looking to get a piece of land or get started on a project and deepen their understanding of how to do so.
Techniques and Topics:
  • Evaluating how to look for what kind of land to buy for different purposes and what to look for in purchasing land.
  • Learn how to understand the characteristics of all types of soil, identify their purpose as well as how to transform soil for increasing fertility.
  • Learn how to source water, harvest, store and filter water for various needs.
  • Learn to understand the characteristics and habits of plants, where and what we might want to grow, and how to design what we plant with these characteristics in mind for optimal growth.
  • Understanding the habits and characteristics of pests and how to design to live together to maintain abundance of our gardens.

6,800 baht/person.  This fee includes all food during the course, accommodation and instruction.  All proceeds go towards supporting Pun Pun community to grow and continue with our seed center and outreach work.

For this course, please register at


Check out Jons' newest released books

Jon’s written books on several of the topics he teaches including earthen building, sustainable living, regenerative agriculture, learning to live with love and compassion, and an easy way of parenting. These are all being translated to English at the moment and released.  Click here to find out how to get them.

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