Jon has written a range of books in Thai on various topics.
These are being translated into English and will be published as e-books here. Check this page for updates!

Living with Earth

This book explains all the steps and techniques needed to build your own home from earth. It also shares the story behind Jon Jandai’s personal journey with earthen building; how his travels, observations, thoughts and philosophy shaped his experience. Jon’s TEDx talk, ‘Life is Easy. Why do we make it so hard?’ has been viewed millions of times and with good reason. The ideas behind the talk are as powerful as they are simple and remain highly-relatable in today’s society.

This book weaves together the practical skills and the philosophical values on how a self-reliant, sustainable life can be achieved by anyone.
The process of earthen building is explained with simple, easy to follow instructions. Everything from choosing a site to the choice of earth, flooring, plastering and more, is discussed and demonstrated. The ancient method of earth building is brought up to date including a discussion of water and electrical systems.

This book is beautifully illustrated with clear diagrams and lavish photography throughout. Showcasing real-world examples of earthen building — both during construction and once complete.

Going Home

A reflection of his life, written by Jon and originally published in Thai in 2013, this translation is the first time a book about his philosophies and life-stories has been made available in English. Jon’s Ted Talk “Life is Easy. Why do we make it so hard?” reached millions of people around the world. In this book, we learn what formed Jon’s world view, from his upbringing in the rural fields of Northeastern Thailand to the deeply ingrained belief systems he internalized about our relation to what he calls our “Mothers” of water and land, our birth mothers and our relationship to them. He guides us through his journey, from his experience of city living to his re-evaluation of education and work and ultimately his return “home” to the land. A must read for anyone looking for inspiration to fulfill the dreams they have of a simple life.

The Garden

This book is a collection of all the simple techniques that anyone can use to grow their own food. Jon has over 30 years experience of being an organic farmer, teaching other farmers convert to organic farming and going on to create farmer to consumer networks. From small home gardener to market supplier, these are practical techniques you can use at home to design your land and growing more food. Pictures included on techniques.

Seed Saving

This adorable hand illustrated book shows you how to select, clean and safely store many types of seed at home. For anyone interested in growing vegetables, planting trees, organic farming and a healthy self sufficient life.
Beautiful and clear illustrations show you each step, making it easy and fun for all ages.
A collaboration between Jon Jandai, Pop Kittipong (former seed collector at Pun Pun farm) and talented illustrator T-ra Missu