Jon in the Media

Some of Jons interviews and talks in Thailand and internationally.
Hear about his life and philosophy.

Life is easy


Jon’s first talk for TEDx has been viewed by millions all over the world. 

In this inspirational talk Jon shares his view that life is easy, if we only choose to make it that way. 

A personal reflection of his life journey so far illustrates the predicament humans have created with our complicated modern world, and wonders just who are we making our lives hard for? 

To be different is good


TEDx Youth summit at Bangkok Prep.

Jon Jandai talks about his challenges and experiences of doing things a little differently to everybody else. Follow your intuition and keep working towards your goal. 

Designing his life the way he wants has resulted in a relaxed happy life,  and now people are following his way.

How to become Self-reliant with Pun Pun


Filmed by Aspeer,  a platform dedicated to sharing sustainable and tangible initiatives favouring a transition towards a new model of society. A model reconciling the social, environmental and economic issues.

Learning with Happiness


In this second talk for TEDx, Jon focused on education and how to raise children. He talks about imagination, space for children to be creative, home schooling and self-learning.

Illustrating his ideas with real life experiences raising his son at home he draws attention to the importance of giving our children meaningful and natural learning opportunities.

New heart new world


Interview with New heart new world on overcoming your fears and accepting who you are. 

Ethics and Philosophy


This interview for NextGen youth platform of the Global Ecovillage Network was filmed at Gaia Ashram

Focused on the role of the next generation has in taking care of our earth.


A New Model for Democratizing Agriculture in Thailand


This article on medium looks at how a social enterprise, Thamturakit in Thailand, is revolutionizing the way food is grown and consumed all across the country — and we should all be paying attention. Written by ‘A Growing Culture’ 

Thai man releases video about living off the grid in America’s snowy mountains


This article on ‘Coconuts Bangkok’ looks at an off-grid earthship Jon helped to build in the mounatins of Colorado. Written by Laurel Tuohy

Thai man releases video about living off the grid in America’s snowy mountains


This article tells the story of building soil at Pun pun farm, learning from nature, trial and error and seed saving. Written by ‘A growing culture’ who vision is “A sustainable food system inclusive of farmers and healthy for the environment.